About CFUW and GWI


Our club is a member of the Canadian Federation of University Women.  CFUW was established in 1919 to raise the social, economic and legal status of women, and to improve education, the environment, peace, justice and human rights.  CFUW represents almost 9000 members in about 100 clubs across Canada.

Through CFUW we are also members of the Graduate Women International (GWI), consisting of 61 affiliated federations.  GWI has strong links with the United Nations and its specialized agencies. There it represents women graduates, working to ensure that women and girls receive the education and opportunities they need to achieve their full potential. CFUW North Bay members may participate in CFUW and GWI through meetings and conferences at regional, provincial, national and international levels.

For more information about the Graduate Women International, CFUW itself, and Ontario Council, as well as links to CFUW publications, please click on the websites and publications listed below.

The international website is graduatewomen.org.

To read a brief history of GWI, click here.  To read Brenda Robertson’s report of the 32nd GWI Triennial Conference she attended in Cape Town, South Africa, in August 2016, click here.  For reports on the conference by CFUW National President Karen Dunnett and  VP International Relations Cheryl Hayles, click here.  

To read Brenda Robertson’s report on the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, which she attended as a representative of CFUW in March 2016, click here.  Her report includes photos of the event.

CFUW National Website is  cfuw.org. If you want to read current and back copies of CFUW National’s publications, send an email to cfuwnorthbay@gmail.com to request the ID and password and go to cfuwadmin.org.  

Use this link below to download the copies of the of twice-a-year CFUW publication The Communicator directly from the CFUW website: Download The Communicator Here.

Copies of Club Action Newsletters are available on our own website.  Just click here.

To read more about Ontario Council click on cfuwontcouncil.ca.