CFUW July 11 Garden Tour

Email Sent July 9

Please dig up your biggest umbrellas and bring along a book to read in case you have to rush back to your car during a downpour.  This minute there is a 40 per cent chance of rain Saturday afternoon, and Sunday looks better, but that is only just now.  I have been checking my weather app more frequently than my email this last week and have seen predictions change from one hour to the next.  The gardeners agree that the tour will go on whether it rains or not, and since we can’t know for sure it won’t rain on Sunday, let’s stick to Saturday.

On the bright side, your big umbrellas will ensure proper social distancing, and cloudy skies mean that there will be less chance that you will wilt in the heat.  Actually, getting wet may be a good way to beat the heat.

Bunty will be sheltered on my front porch, and so will be basket for donations.  Please remember to make cheques out to the North Bay Scholarship Fund.

Wearing your name tags will hep gardeners who don’t know you welcome you to this members-only tour.

Unfortunately, Susanne won’t be able to greet you except from a sitting position, either on her the roadside deck or on the lakeside, depending on the weather.  She has injured two of her toes and asks you to check how many are in her garden and to remember that only nine of you are allowed at a time.  That, of course, applies to all the gardens.

If you have lost track of the email I sent you on June 29 giving you all the information you need to participate in the tour, please go to our website (, where you will find the email and also photos of what the gardens look like — in the sun.

Rain or shine, we gardeners are hoping you will enjoy visiting our gardens.

Email Sent June 29 

Are you tired to seeing your CFUW friends only on Zoom?  On Saturday, July 11, from 1 to 4 p.m. you will be able to visit with them in person in beautiful surroundings.  For a preview of the gardens on the tour, look at the photos on our website (

We gardeners assure you that we are allowing no exceptions for the members-only policy for the garden tour,  This is for your safety as well as our own.  We have to be able to recognize those we allow into our gardens.  Garden tours have always been open to the public in this city, and we are concerned that if neighbours and/or passers-by see one in progress, they may assume they are welcome to join.  And there is another consideration:  Kaarina Tulisalo applied for Insurance coverage from CFUW National for a member-only event.  To help gardeners screen visitors it may be a good idea for you to wear your name tags especially if you are new to the cub and not known to all of the gardeners.

Here are the names and addresses of the gardeners.  Unfortunately, Brenda Robertson is not able to offer appointments to view her garden as previously announced.

  • Bonnie Cappadocia    9 Claudia Court
  • Susanne Carr             839 Queen Street
  • Gail Thomsen            4 Briarwood Court
  • Caroline Haist           71 Kathryn Crescent

Bunty Swanson will be seated in the shade of my front porch, where there is enough room for her to chat to you from a safe distance.  On the table beside her will be a basket for you to use for your donations to the scholarship fund.  Please bring an envelope for either cash or cheque (made out to CFUW North Bay Scholarship Fund).  If you donate $20 or more you will of course receive a tax receipt, so if you are donating cash and require a receipt, please write your name on your envelope.  Our treasurer Sue Fisher, who will come to my garden around 4 to pick up your donations, will need your address only if it has changed since being published in the roster.  To make it easier to collect donations at the end of the tour, mine will be the only garden with a basket.

At the moment the long-range forecast for July 11 looks good (10 per cent chance of rain, high of 25), but we all know how that can change.  So if a day or so before we have to change the day of the tour to Sunday, I will let you know through email.  If you lose track of this email, remember that this information, as well as photos of the gardens, is on our website.

Gardeners are looking forward to welcoming you to their gardens on July 11 (or July 12).