Celebrating 75 Years in 2016

CFUW North Bay 75th Anniversary Celebrations

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The CFUW North Bay 75th Anniversary Committee has been hard at work planning events to start in January 2016 to celebrate the club’s 75th anniversary.  

On Monday, January 11, Co-president Terry Martinelli made a short presentation to City Council.

On Thursday, January 14, at 10:30 a.m., Mayor Al McDonald raised our flag (see photo to the right), created by Gateway Signs from our banner and donated by Sharon Walker, at City Hall.  The mayor then proclaimed that week to be CFUW North Bay Week.  To further mark the occasion, after the raising of the flag, we served coffee and cake in the North Bay Public Library auditorium.  For photos to the event, click here.


Here is the proclamation the mayor read: 

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As more events are planned, they will be announced in this space.  As well look for memorabilia from the past, such as the 30-year-old clippings from The Nugget (below) found in our archives and Marion Wales’ 1968 history of the club.

If you have photos, clippings, or stories to share, please bring them to the attention of Sharon Walker, chair of the committee (pwalker9@cogeco.ca or 705-0497-03368).

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CFUW North Bay: A Review of Our Club’s History

By Marion Wales – 1968

Once upon a time, twenty-seven years ago to be exact, a page in North Bay`s history began. Recently in the local paper, I read that a new history book entitled ‘THE ENDURING PAST` is being used in the schools. Immediately, the students dubbed it ``ENDURING THE PAST`. So that is what you are asked to do for the next few moments.

In the fall of 1941, about 25 women graduates were invited to the home of Miss Grace Morgan who was a Master at the Normal School. There we decided to form a University Women’s Club and in the early part of 1942 at an inaugural meeting conducted by Dr. Dorothy Turville, we received our charter.  The charter members still in North Bay and participating in our club are Mrs. Pearl Black, Mrs. Mertis Flannery, Mrs. Jennie Irwin, Mrs. Dorothy Gould, Miss Hazel Gardner, Miss Phyllis Morgan, Miss Marjorie Walton and myself. I imagine with my old gray head, the committee decided I must be the oldest of this group and so they asked me to do this job. They even put my name on the programme and I was sure that was a mistake.  I didn`t expect to see so many of you here.

Over the years we felt that we may have given some friendship and fraternity to a greatly changing membership.  We have had for the most part local speakers at our meetings and much participation by our own members.  It has been too expensive to get outside speakers since distances are so great.   Three times that I can remember we have had Regional Conferences here and we have felt that these were very successful for our guests and for our own members.  They always provide us with new horizons and are definitely ``pep-pills`` for our local group.

Several times we have been visited by the National Presidents of CFUW. I can remember Mrs. Crummy, Dr. Vibert Douglas, Dr. Dorothy Turville, Mrs. A. G. Morton, Mrs. M. J. Sabia, and Miss M. E. MacLellan.  This year we expect to have Mrs. Margaret Orange.

On one occasion, Miss Phyllis Morgan and I were invited to Sudbury to explain the how’s and why’s of starting a club and getting a charter. I feel that we were honored as a club in helping to form the UWC OF Sudbury.  When the Parry Sound Club was organized under the leadership of Mrs. Walter Little (a former member of our club and presently the treasurer of CFUW) a number of our club attended their inaugural dinner meeting.

We have been pleased to offer local scholarships to the secondary schools of this area, for girls who intend to proceed to higher education. At the moment, we have made three such donations. The Lottie Hamer Scholarship in honour of Miss Hamer (a charter member who taught English and History here for many years until her retirement) was valued at $100.  The Dorothy Paterson Scholarship (Dorothy was a valued member of our club and died at an early age) was set up through donations from her family and friends and was valued at $150. A Centennial Scholarship was valued at $100. and a bursary to some needy and deserving student entering or attending Nipissing College was given.

In order to support these scholarships (for we are not a fund raising organization) we in the early days donated money as individuals. Also, we held scholarship teas and sold tickets on paintings donated to us kindly by Mr. T.C. Cummings, a local artist of some repute of whom we are very proud.  This year we held a very successful used book sale to obtain our funds.

Our Centennial project was a used book sale – our first, held in April.  We were very proud of its success financially and as a service to readers and collectors in this area.  From this we realized $750. and presented it to our new local library to be used for reference books.

Members of our club have served as provincial and national representatives in the persons of Mrs. Mertis Flannery, Miss Grace Morgan, and Mrs. Walter Little.

Our programmes have been designed to promote study, to increase our knowledge, and to assist in increasing an interest in further education for our high school graduates.

Because of the relatively small number of members, study groups have not been too popular.  But we had very successful groups on Canadian Art, Canadian Literature and Canadian Antiques. What do you want this year?

Since the formation of the Business and Professional Women’s Club, we enjoy a joint meeting with them each year in February.

Through the years this club has issued may transfers to other clubs and this is an indication that perhaps we’ve succeeded in some small measure to help women maintain an interest in CFUW.  Our membership remains fairly static from 35 to 45.  We sincerely hope our old members will continue as such and we welcome all newcomers to join us