Issues and Advocacy Annual Reports for 2014 and 2015


Advocacy and Issues

Janet Poudrier, Acting Chair

CFUW North Bay members have advocated for and taken action on the following local, provincial and national issues:

1. Establishing a Partnership with the North East Women’s Health Alliance (NEWHA). NEWHA is a group of over 20 agencies, groups and individuals working collaboratively to actively promote, educate and advocate for/on women’s health and wellness in our community.  Actions included

  • Attending monthly meetings as a subcommittee of NEWHA
  • Sharing CFUW advocacy initiatives
  • Attending the Laker’s Hockey game and raising awareness on the need to end Violence Against Women.  A CFUW North Bay display on the National Initiative, the One Pledge campaign and distribution of literature, buttons, etc. were included 
  • Arranged to have Kathleen Jodouin, the chair of NEWHA as the speaker at the Charitable Trust Dinner.  She is also the Women and HIV Coordinator for The AIDS Committee of North Bay and Area (ACNBA) and the NDP candidate for the Nipissing-Timiskaming district in the upcoming Federal Election
  • Arranged for CFUW members to support the ACNBA Bathtub Project, Sock It to Us and the Red Scarf initiatives
  • Attended the ceremonies on AIDS Awareness Day, December 1
  • Participated in the noon hour Meet the Candidates Forum for municipal candidates focusing on women’s issues

2. International Women’s Day Programme Planning and Participation: CFUW North Bay was a member of the NEWHA planning committee for a coordinated schedule of events recognizing International Women’s Day.  CFUW North Bay was responsible for the following:

  • Planning the opening event, the showing of the film Nefarious: Merchant of Souls in partnership with the Calvary Pentecostal Temple
  • Hosting the pre and post receptions for the “Meet Me on the Bridge” event in partnership with ACNBA
  • Promoting and participating in the other IWD events including EVE-olution, a celebration of women and their talents, hosted by Amelia Rising and the four lectures at Nipissing University and Canadore College “Fifty Shades of NO”
  • Selecting the recipient of the 2015 Outstanding Service in Women’s Wellness award


3. Lunch and Learn 2015: The Issues and Advocacy Committee has organized a community education event on “The Election Process.” It is a panel presentation providing information regarding how voting requirements in a Federal Election have changed. Panel members included Jim Mallory, the local returning officer, and David Tabachnick, Nipissing University political science professor.  Invitations were sent to all Federal candidates, the Mayor, and the media, and flyers, to over 20 community agencies, churches, schools, Nipissing University, Canadore College and others.

4. Other: Attended the Rotary Fundraising luncheon in support of eradicating polio.

5. Future Initiatives: Up for Debate, a women`s initiative for the Federal Election.


Advocacy and Issues

Janet Poudrier, Chair, and Kaarina Tulisalo, RD Ontario North

CFUW North Bay members have advocated for and taken action on the following local, provincial and national issues:

Bill 88 Accessing Care for Youth

  • Forwarded a letter of support for Bill 88 to the committee hearings and to the M.P.P.
  • Notified the membership of the OC letter submitted to Premier

Kathleen Wynne

  • Met with the Executive Director of CAS Nipissing Parry Sound, Giselle Hebert, regarding Bill 88 and to establish  a liaison with the local CAS
  • Attended a Canadian Club presentation by Giselle Hebert and a Youth In Care on the programs and services offered by the CAS
  • Attended a Gala Dinner sponsored by the CAS recognizing 8 young women, all Youth In Care, who had completed the course in developing self esteem
  • Awarded a CFUW scholarship for a Youth in Care continuing her education at the college level
  • Attended a Youth in Care Conference where the scholarship was presented and the inspiring guest speaker was Derek Clark from California (Google Derek Clark for more information)

Initiative on Preventing and Responding to Violence Against Women and Girls

CFUW North Bay adopted a local approach to the initiative.  The membership passed a motion to survey the community and support existing  community programmes in a co-ordinated effort to focus more attention on the issue of violence against women The following actions were taken:

  • Attending a meeting of the Domestic Violence Community Co-ordinating Committee (DVCCC) and establishing a liaison.
  • Attended an all- day conference  on Violence Against Women organized by the DVCCC.
  • Attended the CFUW North Bay Charitable Trust Dinner. The guest speaker was Wendy Abdallah of Victim Services and she outlined the services available to women who are victims of violence.
  • Participated in the Sisters in Spirit Vigil and established connections with Aboriginal Groups, Amelia Rising , Transition House and True Self.
  • Supported the One Pledge Campaign, a local initiative by Mayor Al McDonald, Police Chief Paul Cook and Janine Lafreniere, executive director of Transition House, to raise awareness within our community about violence against women. 
  • Participated in IWD events such as “Join Me on the Bridge “ and a presentation on Human Trafficking at Nipissing University “Trafficking In Victims: Sex, Work and the Politics of Gendered Mobility.”
  • Supported an initiative by one of our new members by publicizing and attending the screening of the film It’s a Girl.
  • Attended a presentation on “Rethinking Gender and Poverty at Home and Abroad.”  

Water, the Pipeline and Democracy

CFUW North Bay recognizes the importance of water especially as it pertains to the Energy East Pipeline which, if approved, would pass through North Bay from Alberta to the East coast. The pipeline is close to Trout Lake, the source of the city’s water and passes through the watershed. CFUW North Bay members have taken the following actions:

  • Attended a meeting to hear Stan Gibson speak on the work of Ecologos to protect Ontario’s water.
  • Registered on the mailing list of the Water Docs North Working Group organizing the Northern Ontario Premiere of the film Watermark June 6.
  • Attended presentations by the TransCanada Pipeline at a City Council Meeting and at an open House hosted by TransCanada.
  • Attended and made a presentation on behalf of CFUW North Bay at the Ontario Energy Board  (OEB) Consultations.
  • Attended a presentation by the Council of Canadians “Energy East: Our Risk, Their Reward” with speakers Maude Barlow and Ariel Deranger. 
  • Organized a “Lunch & Learn” event with the guest speaker Donna Sinclair and the topic “The Pipeline and Democracy.” The event is a noon-hour session with members and guests invited to bring their own lunch and with CFUW providing dessert, coffee, tea and punch. It is an opportunity to “learn” about the pipeline locally, provincially, nationally and internationally while you “lunch.”

CFUW North Bay will continue to advocate and take action on these issues and others such as resolutions, child care, elections, letter writing and visiting the M.P.P., M.P. and municipal offici