Issues and Advocacy Committee

Information about issues is forwarded to us from both the national Office and Ontario Council, which gives us direction on taking action.  Issues committee members study and discuss the resolutions thoroughly and made recommendations to the membership at the resolutions meeting in April. Their presentations are followed by discussions by the members of the club and then are voted on. 

CFUW continues to exercise its responsibility to speak out on issues of concern and to take action. We are fortunate to have an enthusiastic, dedicated and knowledgeable Issues and Advocacy Committee. We appreciate the support of our membership and encourage members to join the advocacy work of CFUW North Bay.

The Issues and Advocacy Committee meets monthly on different days and at different times, depending on the availability of its members, and this year will of course be meeting via Zoom.  The new chair, Brenda Robertson, has been emailing those who have signed up with information from CFUW and GWI, as well as about opportunities to join in on various Zoom meetings where important issues will be discussed.  Click here for more information and Brenda's messages.