Scholarship Reports

CFUW North Bay Scholarship Report

CFUW North Bay has a long history of donating scholarships in our community.  We have a local university, Nipissing University, and a local college, Canadore College, as well as seven high schools that have been the recipients of our scholarships.

In 1988 CFUW signed a trust agreement that specified the parameters of a Trust Fund to collect donations and bequests and dispense them to deserving female students by scholarships and bursaries.  This agreement was updated and revised in 2004. 

Annually we are committed through our Trust Agreement to give five awards to Nipissing University and two to a local high school.  There are no specified amounts stated in the Trust Agreement.

Nipissing University receives monies for the following programs:  Nursing Scholarship, Bachelor of Education Scholarship, Criminal Justice Scholarship, Biology Scholarship and a Memorial Bursary.  Currently these awards have been $500 each.  There are also two awards made to a local high school, one for mathematics and one for science for $400 each.  The high school awards are awarded to one high school each year with a rotation of seven participating high schools.  

In addition to the awards committed in our Trust Agreement, additional awards may be given out, based on funds remaining, once our annual commitments have been met.  These are voted on and ratified at a general meeting.

Past recipients of additional awards have included Canadore College, True Self, Youth in Transition, the North Bay Literacy Council.

To avoid conflicts of interest, the local receiving educational organization selects the individual to receive the award while CFUW determines the criteria for the award. Some awards have an academic criterion while others do not, for example the Memorial Bursary at Nipissing University is awarded to a student in financial need.

CFUW North Bay relies on a number of funding sources for our local scholarships.  Our members are extremely generous with their personal donations for local scholarships. There is also an active memorial donation program which generates donations as well.

Our club has a number of fundraisers to help meet out scholarship commitments. These have included house tours, garden tours and a silent auction every November.  Part of the proceeds of these fundraisers is targeted for scholarships. Some of these fundraisers are in partnership with other local organizations.

We are a vital part of the North Bay community.