Welcome to the CFUW North Bay website. By using the links at the top of the page, you can find information about and links to international, national and provincial organizations and publications (CFUW and lts Publications), as well as information about our North Bay club, its meetings and interest groups. Founded in 1941, our club celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2021.

As well as this website, we also have a Facebook page, managed for us by Kristen Ferguson, one of our program chairs.  Its URL is www.facebook.com/CFUWNorthBay.

 This website is still undergoing updating.  If you find errors or problems with navigating, please let Caroline Haist know by emailing her at carlilh43@gmail.com

Slides of Fall and Winter 2022-23 Events

September: North Bay Public Library Display

September Display at North Bay Public Library

Catherine Whiting and Kaarina Tulisalo

Catherine Whiting and Kaarina Tulisalo

Venue for September 20 Media 

Launch for Dr. Diana Walton 


dr. Diana Walton Media Launch

Bonnie Roynon, Nipissing President Dr .Walmsy, Mr. Bill Walton, and Nipissing Representatives

CFUW North Bay Members 

Bill Walton with Co-president Nat Brunette

Mr. Bill Walton

Co-President Bonnie Roynon

Co-president Bonnie Roynon , Recipient of a CFUW North Bay Scholarship and Nipissing Alumna


September 21 Meeting: Donna Spencer Registers with Sue Fisher, Membership Chair and Treasurer 

Members at Motherhouse for September Meeting 

Marg Mullen Joins on Zoom 

Guest Speaker Elysha Carriere from My Village Doula Collective

Nat Brunette Thanks Members of My Village Doula Collective 

Co-president Nat Brunette with Special Project Award Certificate for Museum Display

September 30: Sunrise Breakfast 

October 4: Lunch Bunch at Average Joe’s 

October 14: Wake-up Call 

October 19: Kristen Ferguson Introduces 

Guest Speaker Dr. Natalya Brown 


November 16 General Meeting: Zoom Participants

Guest Speaker Dr. Natalya Brown 

Janet Poudrier Thanking Dr. Natalya Brown 

October 25: 

Book Club

November 16: Susan Fisher, Guest Speaker 

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Hybrid Meeting: Members in Motherhouse 

Members on Zoom

November 24: Making Seasonal Urns at Burrows 

Kaarina Tulisalo with Her Urn 

December 6: Charitable Trust Walk at City Hall

December 14: Fun Night on Zoom 

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January 11: Walk with Members to Introduce New Member to Club

January 24: 

Book Club

January 27: Sunrise Breakfast

Winter Notes

February Meeting

Our February 15 speaker is Dr. Kurt Claussen. His topic is Pioneering Female Masters of North Bay Normal School and Teachers’ College from 1909-1973.

Dr Claussen’s bio: “Kurt Clausen, PhD, is a Professor in the School of Education and past chair of Graduate Studies at Nipissing University, making it his base for the past twenty years. Specializing in Curriculum Development, History of Education and Action Research, he has published almost twenty book chapters, seventeen articles, edited ten conference proceedings, and made almost ninety presentations at academic conferences in this time. Since 2001, he has acted as the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Journal of Action Research, and in 2014 he founded the Canadian Association of Action Research in Education. His latest book, co-edited with Dr. Glenda Black is entitled The Future of Action Research in Teacher Education: A Canadian Perspective. In 2020, he was honoured to receive the Herbert T. Coutts Distinguished Service Award from the Canadian Society for the Study of Education.”

You will receive a link to our February Zoom general meeting by email. Please join in anytime after 6:30 p.m. to chat.

CFUW North Bay Directory

Please send Caroline Haist (carlilh43@gmail.com) your photos and bios for our club’s directory if you have not already done so.  The directory currently has seven entries.  When it has ten you will all receive a copy by email.  If you have concerns about personal information appearing on the website, remember that it will not be posted there.


Issues and Advocacy Committee 

Issues and Advocacy co-chairs are responsible for keeping the club informed about the research and communication of local, national and international issues relating to CFUW policy and concerns.  Members can check to see the work the committee is doing by checking the agendas and minutes of their meetings and the information the co-chairs want members to read.