Bridge - Helen Manning and Caroline Haist, Convenors ( and

Until the pandemic, we played one or two tables of bridge on Thursday afternoons in each others’ homes. Since the pandemic has restricted socialization, we have several groups playing online using both in the morning and in the afternoon. There are four groups playing regularly on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. To enable talking we use a combination of FaceTime and land-line phones with speakers on. It has been great to be able to keep in touch this way.

The photo on the left  is of four of our bridge club members several years ago when we played in person in our homes.  Although we have discussed going back to playing in person, so far we continue to play remotely.  We have two members away from North Bay all winter who play with us regularly and a number who have health conditions that make them reluctant to meet in person.