Bulletin Board for Members

Photos on the Website

(Posted by Caroline Haist, Communications on November 1)

If you see a photo of yourself on the website that you would like removed for whatever reason, please let me know (carlilh43@gmail.com).

Number of Members for CFUW North Bay 2023-24

(Received from President Bonnie Roynon on November 1)

Bonnie is pleased to report that as of the end of October we have 50 members including new member Pam McKend.

New Club Logo 

(Posted by Caroline Haist, Communications, November 2)

You have probably noticed that CFUW National and provincial publications, if you receive them through email, have a new look.  As a club we too will be changing the look of both our external and internal communications using new logos and colours.  Those who attended CFUW’s branding information sessions received numerous files, including one containing the new logos for all Canada’s clubs.  That’s where I found this logo, which Kristen Ferguson, who runs our Facebook page is now using.

The club now has a rebranding committee, which will be meeting soon to discuss implementation of the new look for our club.

CFUW North Bay Directory

(Posted by Caroline Haist, Communications, November 3)

The following message in italics has been on the home page of the website for about a year and has elicited no further submissions.

 Please send Caroline Haist (carlilh43@gmail.com) your photos and bios for our club’s directory if you have not already done so.  The directory currently has seven entries.  When it has ten you will all receive a copy by email.  If you have concerns about personal information appearing on the website, remember that it will not be posted there.

If there is no interest in compiling a list of bios and photos for the club, it is time to remove this message.  And then I will send out the seven contributions I have now.  Do you have an option about whether or not this is a worthwhile project? To get it started I provided my own photo and bio in a newsletter and added in another newsletter those that new members provided.  If you are in favour of the project, can you suggest how we might inspire more members to contribute? 

Gift of Reading 

(Received from Nat Brunette, Past President, November 6)

Kristen Ferguson and Nat Brunette are very excited to announce that CFUW North Bay will be resuming the Gift of Reading project in early March 2024 after over three years of COVID restrictions.

This local project was started many years ago by Doris Toswell and provides a new reading book for each kindergarten student at our featured school annually. This year our program will take place at St. Alexander School on Bloem Street in North Bay.

Normally, the Gift of Reading takes place on International Women’s Day each year. Unfortunately, on Friday, March 8, 2024, the schools will be starting their first day of the March Break. As a result, our books will be distributed earlier in the week of March 4.

We are still finalizing with the school which date and time works best for them.

At the present time, we are seeking donations of new children’s books which would be appropriate to distribute to this year’s kindergarten class. If you would like to donate a book to help us fulfill our requirements, please bring it to any of the CFUW meetings or events starting on November 15, or contact Nat Brunette (natbrunette62@gmail.com) or Kristen Ferguson (kristenf@nipissingu.ca).

Thank you in advance for helping support this exciting event.

Nat and Kristen