Heritage Gardeners - Bonnie Cappadocia, Convenor (bonnie.cappadocia@gmail.com)

Our team, called the Voyageurs, consists mostly of CFUW members and looks after two beds at North Bay's waterfront during the spring, summer, and fall. Two of the beds are next to the road where the Golden Mile sign is located. The third bed is in front of the lilac bed on the promenade by the lake. For the last two years the team has worked hard at rejuvenating all three beds. 

Anyone who would like to become a Heritage Gardener can sign up at the North Bay Area Museum, the Discovery North Bay Heritage Gardener Coordinator.

The first photo below was taken in June 2023 in the bed with the lilacs close to the lake.  The second in one of the beds on Memorial Drive in the summer of 2022.